"Meagan is amazing! We sought her out for our daughter, but she helped our whole family. She counseled my husband and I on our marriage, our parenting, and our work life. She's incredibly wise and relatable. SHE GETS IT! She is genuine and understands issues people actually have to go through. She's been a blessing, that's for sure!" - Lynette

"Get started to learn how to trust again. A beautiful horse relationship can do that for you. Meagan Good is just the person to lead you into a wonderful healing and truly enjoyable journey." - Irene

"The families that I know that take part in equine therapy always report having such a wonderful experience. I'm glad there are supportive services out there for families." - Zach Milch, Licensed Behavior Specialist

"Take Heart's therapeutic horses are such great givers through their meaningful work. These horses are so in tune with their surroundings and the people who work with them." - Lena Kleinberg, Enso Therapeutics 

"If there are two words I would use to describe this place, it would be compassion and healing. The amount of healing I’ve experienced through this place and working with the horses has been life changing. By far the best therapy experience one can find! Megan’s leadership, compassion and expertise is so beautiful, professional and I’d say pure and holy in a day and age where integrity is lacking. I cannot recommend this place enough!" - Annie Celotto

"Take Heart has wonderful, trauma-informed counselors. They are professional and kind. I have referred several people there. They are trustworthy to walk with people in their healing journey. We love Meagan and the Take Heart Team, and their horses."  - Andrea McHenry, Executive Director of F.R.E.E.

At Take Heart, we are passionate about helping individuals and families overcome a variety of struggles and find mental, emotional, and spiritual wholeness. We believe everyone has the potential to live authentically and courageously in spite of their circumstances. The horses (and other animals) here make great partners for your therapeutic journey, and the environment is peaceful and natural.

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