Apollo is a 17 year old Percheron gelding who is truly a gentle giant. Despite his size, he is quiet and a bit shy at first, but loves to be groomed and scratched once he gets to know you. Apollo is a beautiful bay - tall, dark, and handsome - and his sturdy build gives a sense of his sturdy and steady demeanor. When riding Apollo, his walk is so smooth and steady - you just relax and feel safe. His name can mean "destroyer" or "protector" - both very different - but we feel that he is going to help people destroy the old patterns in their lives, while standing alongside them as a protector on their journey. Don't let his quietness fool you though - this guy is smart, and knows how to let himself out of the stall if you aren't careful!

As babies, Apollo and Zeus were rescued by their donor from a neglect situation and she had them since they were about 6 months old. They were trained to do trail rides, and Zeus & Apollo made a great driving team to do light farm work! The donor family fell on hard times, and we are honored they made the decision to donate Apollo along with his buddies Zeus and Zeke to Take Heart.


Hope. Healing. Horses.

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