Azul is leased by Take Heart from owner Marianne Mccloy.

The following biography is written by Marianne:

Azul is a story of my heart. He is 25 years old and is a gaited horse, a Missouri Fox Trotter breed. Azul has always had a job, grew up as a children's horse on a farm. He worked at the race track guiding race horses to the track, for their race. He at some point ended up as a pastured horse at Glory Springs, not visited much by his owners, but became a favorite with lessons with any age, because of his versatile stride and personality. Young age, mid age, older, beginners, intermediate, advanced, Azul was there to please whether it be western or English jumping. Azul and I have been together for 8 years, as the horse my granddaughter and I went to shows with, won ribbons with, the horse I learned to ride on, the horse who helped me through the greatest loss of my life. We have weathered times together, he has survived Cancer, and all with him tolerating my moods and life changes. Azul has a soul, he can listen, he knows when you need a hugs, nozzles, and always with a gentle spirit. Azul loves to be talked to, and of course given pop-tarts, peppermint candy, root beer barrels, and twizzlers.