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Sometimes bad things happen to good horses. Belle is a gentle and sweet horse who was abandoned here on the ranch prior to us moving in, for no fault of her own. Without getting into details... we decided to step in and help this lovely mare. Take Heart went through the correct protocols and gained ownership of Belle.

We never planned to be a horse rescue, and don't claim to be one. But we believe that everyone can make a difference and that it's our duty to be the change we wish to see! So we set out feeding Belle extra high-calorie feeds daily, grooming and bathing, and giving the love and care she deserves. Under this gentle TLC, Belle absolutely blossomed and thrived! We believe Belle is in her mid 20s and appears to have had a lot of prior training. She is intelligent, responsive, gentle and loving.

Belle has helped in sessions from day 1... for so many who have experienced trauma and believe they have nothing to offer this world, Belle is able to receive their love... and she has been sharing hope for healing! Belle is a ranch favorite, and it's easy to see why!

Have you or your child fallen in love with one of our horses here at Take Heart? Want a little memorandum to remember them by?

Our own Grant Good is offering his wonderful photography of many of our equine staff available to purchase.

Please look at his website for the various options available such as prints, cards, magnets, keychains, mugs, mousepads, ect. 

Check back often for new photos added and find your favorite horse to "take home" with you!

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