Animals have always been a large part of Carrie's life. As a small child she could often be found asleep on the porch with a cat. Horses came and went throughout her life, but it wasn't until adulthood when Carrie realized the true healing power and majesty of horses. Having her own hard life experiences, Carrie chose to believe that God was a God of healing. It was during her own healing journey that she felt led to go back to school to receive the education needed to assist others to heal and grow from their own experiences.  Carrie is currently in her last year of classes in her graduate program at Lancaster Bible College. She has been an intern at Take Heart since summer of 2019 learning how to use equine assisted therapy with clients in a wide variety of situations. She will attend her first Natural Lifemanship training in May 2020 to learn more trauma-informed equine interventions. Her passion is to serve clients who have experienced trauma and want to experience life anew. In her free time, Carrie enjoys riding her horse Sally, traveling, cooking, watching movies, and spending time with friends.

Carrie Landis