ciara stoner

Ciara grew up in Lititz, PA and has always had a love for animals. She started taking lessons at a local barn when she was 4 years old. She first started riding miniature horses and slowly worked her way up. She then started to take groundwork lessons with miniature horses when she was 13. This is when all the fun started for her. She never knew how much you could learn from a horse by just watching it and listening. Horses have a great way of speaking through actions. They will let you know what their needs are. Once she could understand horses and communicate with them she decided to buy her first pony. He was a brown and white paint so of course he got the name Cookie. She started to take western riding lessons and fell in love with riding all over again now that she could fully trust her horse and connect with him while riding. She took him on many trail rides and continued to built that trust and connection. 

As she got older she started to get into sport and drifted away from horses for a little. She had the desire to get back with horses so she got a job giving trail ride tours but that just wasn’t enough for her. She wanted to be able to teach the true connection you can have with a horse by building a relationship with them. That is when she found Take Heart and the rest is history.

Some activities she enjoys doing around the farm include connecting with the horses in a relationship based way. Listening to what the horse may need at any given time. She also enjoys going on trail rides, teaching the horses new skills and hanging out with the herds in their pastures.

As a horsemanship instructor Ciara teaches groundwork horsemanship lessons, individual lessons, family lessons and more. She also runs many of our barn duty shift as a team leader for volunteers. 

If these activities sound fun and you want to give horsemanship a try be sure to give Ciara a call or email to set up an appointment.

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