ciara stoner

Ciara has been working with horses since she was about four years old. She grew up taking lessons on miniature horses first and slowly worked her way up. She started out riding western and has since learned how to ride English within the last year. While she feels they both are so different from one another, she enjoys riding both equally. Ciara also enjoys raising other livestock such as steers, goats and pigs. A fun fact about Ciara is that she owns two alpacas!

Some activities that she enjoys doing around the ranch at Take Heart include grooming the horses, riding the horses, ground work and hanging out with them in the field. Ground work is one of her favorite activities, as you can connect with the horses so well and they love to play games, as well as it keeps their brains thinking.

As a horsemanship instructor, Ciara teaches groundwork horsemanship lessons to the public! She also runs many of our barn duty shifts as a team leader for volunteers.

If these activities sound like fun and you want to give horsemanship a try, be sure to give Ciara a call or email to set up an appointment!


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