Take Heart offers counseling sessions with horses (or without, but  most people want to work with horses!), meeting at our beautiful and easy to find farm in Wernersville, PA. Activities may include feeding, grooming, leading the horse, ground work exercises, or horseback riding. Session activities are specially designed to fit a client’s goals and will vary. Some sessions may be more learning-oriented, meaning you will practice skills which translate into other situations you may be facing. Some sessions will be more psychotherapeutic, in which deep healing through corrective experiences may occur. Each activity will end with a time of processing and discussing the activities. 

Individual sessions are available for clients age 6+. Sessions are also available for families and couples. Typically sessions are one hour long, but we can also do 90-minute or 2-hour sessions as needed. We have found equine assisted therapy to be highly effective - what you put in, you WILL get out of it! The horses provide unique insights that allow us to grow in self-awareness and practice change during sessions, which often speeds up the therapeutic process. Our clients feel a change in the first few sessions, and many start making changes that have powerful effects on their lives in as few as 4 or 6 sessions. This form of therapy is flexible - it can be a very fast way to resolve specific issues and learn empowering skills for your situation in the short-term, but can continue to help you find deeper healing in the long-term. We have some clients who "finish" therapy in 12-16 weeks, while others choose to stay longer. Either way, it is our privilege to be part of your journey.

We do additionally offer virtual Tele-health sessions if in person is not suitable. This can be helpful to maintain your counseling sessions during periods of illness, weather forcing the ranch to close, or when you're just not able to be with us in person. Please talk to your counselor or reach out to us about setting up Virtual sessions if that is a need for you!​​​​

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

video sessions & Therapy Intensives

Not local but want to take advantage of this life-changing work? Or, local but have a busy schedule and need more flexibility to do counseling on-the-go? Take Heart offers video sessions on our secure, HIPAA-compliant server. We can do counseling over video online, and supplement with equine assisted sessions when you are able to visit.

Counseling intensives can be scheduled to get you more time with the horses over your stay: We can schedule up to 4 hours of therapy a day once a month, or for 1 to 2 weeks, or spread over the length of your stay, depending on your needs. A wide variety of accommodations and tourist activities are available in our area as we are conveniently located outside Reading, PA and within an hour of Lancaster, Lititz, or Harrisburg. Contact us to discuss pricing for intensives.

Hope. Healing. Horses.

Prices as of September 1st, 2021:

Individual Counseling: $145 per hour.

Marriage or Family Counseling: $165 per hour.

Organization Group Therapy: $200 per hour for up to 8 participants.

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Veteran, Military, First Responder or Family: We have sponsorships for you!

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Contact Info@TakeHeartCounseling.com to schedule an appointment.

Feeling stuck? Take Heart can also work with your current therapist to provide a number of sessions to supplement your current therapeutic work. Equine sessions can greatly enhance learning and growth by providing you the opportunity to practice skills you talk about in counseling in a safe and forgiving environment, with a nonjudgmental partner. The horses often point out something that is keeping you stuck, and our skilled counselors can help you make the changes you need to get un-stuck. If your counselor is willing, we can coordinate and provide sessions together, or we can just plan over the phone to coordinate sessions based on your current treatment goals.

Work with your current therapist