Equine Assisted Life Coaching (EALC) is under the Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) umbrella: "EAL is an experiential learning approach that promotes the development of life skills applicable to educational, professional or personal goals through equine-assisted activities” (pathintl.org).

Our Equine Assisted Life Coaches are trauma-informed and trained in Trauma-Focused Equine Assisted Psychotherapy through the Natural Lifemanship Institute and hold degrees in relevant fields. EALCs undergo rigorous training and may also attain additional certifications.

Horses live “in the moment” and have distinct individual personalities. As herd animals, they are extremely relationship-oriented. Horses intuitively and honestly respond to the emotions of those around them, creating opportunity for self-awareness and practice building relationships.

Bonding with horses facilitates a process in which clients can gain insight into their circumstances and how they currently interact in them through experience, as well as practice change in a forgiving environment. Along the way, clients develop confidence, patience, mutual respect, responsibility, problem-solving abilities, healthy coping techniques, and other life skills organically through interactions with the horses. Additionally, building safe relationships with horses provides practice with many important life skills that improve one's mental health.

What is the difference between Equine Assisted Life Coaching (EALC) and Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP)?

Equine Assisted Life Coaching and Equine Assisted Psychotherapy share some similarities, but differ in very important ways.
EALC is an experiential form of life coaching intended to help guide clients through various life challenges and transitions. It is run by a qualified professional. In Equine Assisted Life Coaching, you will partner with a horse and receive guidance through challenges and transitions in your personal life and career. Your coach can help you realize that you CAN accomplish your goals and become the person you dream you can be.

EALC is not mental health counseling. Clients seeking specific help with mental health concerns are encouraged to utilize our EAP services with a mental health professional. 

EAP is an experiential form of counseling with a mental health professional and horses. Utilizing trauma-informed and evidence-based techniques, EAP is proving to be an effective and efficient alternative or addition to traditional counseling. Go to our
Equine Assisted Psychotherapy page to read more.

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What is Equine Assisted Life Coaching?

Work with your Current Therapist


Already have a therapist, but feeling a little stuck? Take Heart can also work with your current therapist to provide a number of sessions to supplement your current therapeutic work. Equine sessions can greatly enhance learning and growth by providing you the opportunity to practice skills you talk about in counseling in a safe and forgiving environment, with a nonjudgmental partner. The horses often point out something that is keeping you stuck, and our skilled Coaches can help you make the changes you need to get un-stuck. If your counselor is willing, we can coordinate and provide sessions together, or we can just plan over the phone to coordinate sessions based on your current treatment goals.

Equine assisted therapy is an "umbrella" term applied to a vast number of interventions in which people are helped by horses. Typically, people are referring to one of these three types of interventions:

  • Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP): Counseling with a mental health professional and horses, mounted or unmounted
  • Equine Assisted Learning (EAL): Activities with horses which focus on developing a specific skill set, mounted or unmounted, facilitated by a mentor 
  • Therapeutic Riding or Assisted Riding: Usually, mounted activities on a horse with a focus on physical, occupational, or speech therapy​​

Prices as of January 1st 2023:

Individual Coaching Session: $145 per hour.

Marriage or Family Coaching Session: $165 per hour.

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