At Take Heart, we offer Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Equine Assisted Learning. What we do is experiential and metaphorical in nature, meaning what clients experience with the horses has meaning for them outside the farm as well. Although a relatively new mode of psychotherapy, studies are proving it to be an effective and efficient alternative or addition to traditional counseling. Many of our clients have tried traditional methods of counseling and found equine assisted therapy to be a better fit for them. 

Additionally, each of our therapists are trained in trauma-focused equine assisted psychotherapy through the Natural Lifemanship Institute. Each of our sessions is unique. We design our sessions to meet the individual needs of the client using evidence-based, trauma-informed interventions. Some sessions are more experiential and based on a specific activity, while others are more discussion-oriented.  Clients are encouraged to process what they are learning and assisted with ideas for applying it in their own situations.

We are each made up of body, mind, spirit, and soul - and each part of us is inseparable. Equine assisted therapy is a powerful model for addressing each part of our being.

Horses live “in the moment” and have distinct individual personalities. As herd animals, they are extremely relationship-oriented. Horses intuitively and honestly respond to the emotions of those around them, creating opportunity for self-awareness and practice building relationships.

Bonding with horses facilitates a process in which clients can gain insight into their circumstances and how they currently interact in them through experience, as well as practice change in a forgiving environment. Along the way, clients develop confidence, patience, mutual respect, responsibility, problem-solving abilities, healthy coping techniques, and other life skills organically through interactions with the horses. Additionally, building safe relationships with horses provides practice with many important life skills that improve one's mental health.

Hope. Healing. Horses.

Equine assisted therapy is an "umbrella" term applied to a vast number of interventions in which people are helped by horses. Typically, people are referring to one of these three types of interventions:

  • Equine Assisted Psychotherapy: Counseling with a mental health professional and horses, mounted or unmounted
  • Equine Assisted Learning: Activities with horses which focus on developing a specific skill set, mounted or unmounted, facilitated by a mentor 
  • Therapeutic Riding or Assisted Riding: Usually, mounted activities on a horse with a focus on physical, occupational, or speech therapy

Hope. Healing. Horses.

Take Heart works to serve clients with compassion and competence. Our slogan "hope. healing. horses." is based on our passion for combining faith, professionalism, and the amazing power of the horse-human bond. We integrate professional Christian counseling with trauma-focused equine assisted psychotherapy to help clients find mental, emotional, and spiritual wholeness. It is our joy to see relationships restored and individuals find peace. 

Our team works with individuals, couples, families, and small groups struggling with a wide variety of issues:
Adolescent Issues
Attention Deficits
Eating Disorders
Family Struggles
Life Transitions
Marriage Struggles
Self-destructive Behaviors
Spiritual Issues
Substance Abuse
Teamwork Difficulties
Trauma and Abuse (PTSD)

What is Equine Assisted Therapy?