"Flicka Babe" is an Arabian/Paint horse cross mare who is 17 years old. She was leased to Take Heart by her kind owner, Emily, who has owned her for 13 years. Flicka has an incredible story that we think will bring hope to many hearts. Flicka had been stolen from Emily, who searched for 3 years nonstop for her until finally receiving a call that someone recognized her. During her captivity, Flicka had been severely neglected and was around 300 lbs underweight. It was also discovered that she had a foal, and had withstood significant trauma. Even after being rescued, Flicka's captor came searching for her - Emily took her out of state for a time to keep her safe. Emily lovingly restored Flicka to health and wholeness, where she is now today! Flicka is a beautiful, sweet, curious and incredibly connecting horse who loves attention. We are so grateful for her to be with us and excited to know how her healing story can heal others as well!

Have you or your child fallen in love with one of our horses here at Take Heart? Want a little memorandum to remember them by? Our own Grant Good is offering his wonderful photography of many of our equine staff available to purchase. Please look at his website for the various options available such as prints, cards, magnets, keychains, mugs, mousepads, ect. 

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