Have you or your child fallen in love with one of our horses here at Take Heart? Want a little memorandum to remember them by? Our own Grant Good is offering his wonderful photography of many of our equine staff available to purchase. Please look at his website for the various options available such as prints, cards, magnets, keychains, mugs, mousepads, ect. 

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G2 Photography

Prince harry

Harry is the most unique Equine here at Take Heart - he isn't actually a horse like the rest of our crew, but rather a Donkey! Harry is an adorable miniature donkey who was graciously donated to Take Heart by his doting owners. His owners had purchased him as a young donkey who was mostly unhandled and very wild. When his coat is grown out, it is very red - thus they named him Prince Harry. With time and love, Harry settled into an extremely sweet, gentle and mellow fellow. He spent many years as a pasture companion to many of his owner's boarder horses. When they decided to retire from horse boarding and all the other horses began to leave, his owner's knew Harry would be lonely. They decided to search for a home for him where he would never be lonely. By a wonderful God encounter, Volunteer Coordinator Melanie bumped into his owners, heard their need for Harry, and got them connected with Take Heart.

Harry has been such a wonderful addition to the Take Heart team! He absolutely loves connecting with people, and his gentle demeanor is so calming. Everyone loves snuggling with Harry! You can find him palling around with his mini buddies, Raphie and Rueben! 

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