Horsemanship Lessons

Hope. Healing. Horses.

So much more than just a riding lesson! Our approach to horsemanship is called natural horsemanship, and is based on building a relationship with the horse through trust, respect, and understanding. We teach students to see the horse as a unique individual, and not just how to steer, but how to communicate clearly and calmly to a 1,000lb animal. Your first couple sessions will likely involve more groundwork, as we practice building trust and respect until you are comfortable and ready to ride. We do not teach a specific discipline, rather the basics of good horsemanship and riding whether you ride english or western, for show or for pleasure.

We offer individual or group horsemanship lessons for kids 8+ and adults who may not require therapeutic services, but who may benefit from time with a horse or just want to learn to ride in a relaxing, non-show barn environment. This is also a great opportunity for your child or teen learn important life skills such as patience, respect, empathy, and assertive communication, and to receive valuable 1-on-1 care and mentorship from their instructor. No horse experience is necessary.