"Captain Chessie" is a 1998 bay Jockey Club registered Thoroughbred gelding. He loves attention and greets everyone with a sweet nicker and soft muzzle. A grandson of the great Secretariat, Captain had a successful racing career before falling into neglect at a sales lot. His old owner saved him at age 10, mere skin and bones but with a kind eye.  Captain stands tall and proud, with a kind spirit, despite years of neglect, inspiring others to overcome their own obstacles. Captain was generously donated to Take Heart in April 2016.

While Captain was a gentle and intuitive teacher with people, after a while he began to show that he was unhappy with our herd. For the safety of each horse, Captain moved to a new home in late June 2016 where he teaches others confidence and horsemanship at campground retreats, and is loved on by his special young girl who rides him in 4-H.


"Leos Koko Cat" is a registered 1998 solid chestnut American Paint Horse mare. She loves attention but it takes time to earn her trust. She is sweet-natured and wants to please. Coco is sensitive and intuitive, making her a great partner for therapeutic activities. Coco loves being groomed and leading trail rides around the farm with the other horses. 

Coco moved to a new home in fall 2015 where she was a birthday gift to a sweet little girl who can love on her, learn from her, and take her on endless trail rides.


"Hurricane Charley" is a 2001 buckskin Quarter Horse gelding. Meagan has owned him since 2005 and together, they used to do fun shows and trail rides. Charley is expressive, personable, and loves attention - but acts grouchy until you know him better. Charley has been through several serious illnesses in the last few years, and has come out on the other side stronger and more ready than ever to work with people. He loves obstacle courses and trail rides around the farm. Charley has a dominant but gentle personality, which means you have to earn his trust and respect. He teaches clients to be assertive and authentic, and that there's more to someone than just a tough outer shell.

Empowering individuals and families to find

hope, healing, and wholeness

through therapeutic work with horses.


"Noble Woods" is a registered 2001 palomino Haflinger gelding. Noble was generously donated to Take Heart in fall 2015 to become a healing horse, and has fit in since day one! Noble is personable and playful, always searching pockets for treats. In his past, Noble has done everything from pulling carts to dressage and still loves a good trail ride. Noble has the most glorious thick mane for braiding, and his puppy-dog nature earns him fast friends. He has a protective personality and often creates a special bond with clients who have experienced abuse. He and Remy are best friends and you usually find them sharing hay in a stall side by side.


"Remington" is a 2012 bay roan mixed breed rescue gelding. Remy was born in Kentucky, and moved around to at least four different homes through Ohio and Pennsylvania, when we found him in Erie, PA. We fell in love with his relaxed, "anything goes" personality, and brought him home to Take Heart in July, 2016. Remy is extremely friendly and loves attention from people - but feared other horses when he arrived. Covered in scars from his past herd experiences, Remy slowly learned to trust Noble and Charley, and to bravely be himself in the herd. Now he is the instigator of play! This little guy encourages us all to be authentic and boldly overcome our fears.


"Miss Chocolate Version" is a registered 2004 bay American Quarter Horse mare. She loves attention and has a true girly-girl personality, earning her the nickname "Diva." Choca loves children and is gentle and sweet-natured on the ground and under saddle.She is the youngest of the herd and in the pasture, can often be found trying to get the other horses to play with her.

Choca moved to a new home in fall 2015 with three little girls to keep her mane constantly braided with pink ribbon. She will get to have so much fun doing shows and teaching the girls to ride.