Mallory Hetrick, NLT-1

Mallory grew up in Sinking Spring and has been around horses since she was 4. She first rode western when leading to ride and then fell in love with the hunter/jumper world. Her first 4 horses were kept at home where she learned the basics of horse care. 
As she got older, she purchased another pony Scooter and spent her teenage years competing and even making it to pony finals. She spent a large portion of her life showing in the English circuit and being president of Penn State Berks Equestrian Team, mostly with her personal horse John. She bought John in 2016 and quickly learned he was her heart horse. John was a racehorse before Mallory purchased him and retrained him as a hunter/jumper. 
Mallory enjoys learning to communicate with horses through groundwork that aids in the ability of effective communication once in the saddle. ​John and Mallory built their relationship by starting with the basics. First Mallory had to ensure that John trusted her to keep him safe with the basic necessities…food water and shelter. After that Mallory focused her time on building a connection on the ground and from there, in the saddle. She learned that horses can sense emotions better than people, the slightest fear, tension, or doubt can be felt. John made sure to call Mallory out on these things and let her know he felt it. After being on the show circuit for many years, Mallory realized that even though her and John had a great connection, a lot of it came from compliance and not choice. Recently, Mallory has been taking a step back and really focusing on building a better connection with John that doesn’t come solely from compliance. 
After graduating college with a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice and a minor in Sociology, Mallory worked for Children and Youth Services working with physical, sexual and emotional abuse of children, and also in Law Enforcement as an Adult Parole Officer focusing on drug and alcohol addiction and dependency.

​At Take Heart, Mallory works as a barn assistant and offers horsemanship lessons to help people learn riding through relationship. In Mallory’s free time, she can be found helping out on her husbands dairy farm, hunting, or spending time at the beach. 

You can contact Mallory at or 610-463-6617. To schedule a lesson with  Mallory, click HERE.

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