Nicole Rabe

Hope. Healing. Horses.

Nicole has always had a love for horses. She grew up overseas in Senegal, West Africa, but any chance she had to work on a farm or be with horses she took. In March of 2013, she had a calling from God to work with women who have survived sexual abuse and trauma. She also knew she wanted to use her love for horses to help others. In January of 2015, through a mutual friend connection, she began to volunteer for Take Heart. She immediately saw the impact Take Heart had on the lives that it came in contact with, including her. She became more involved and interned at Take Heart for a semester.

Life took her to Colorado for a few years, but she continued to stay in touch with Meagan and Take Heart. In 2022, God called her back to Pennsylvania to work at Take Heart again in a supportive role. Here she is able to use her unique perspective and skills where her passion lies.

Nicole has a dog named Pinto and likes to spend time snuggling and going on walks with him in her free time. She is continuing her education as well through Grand Canyon University to get a degree in Behavioral Health Sciences with an emphasis on Trauma. Nicole enjoys hanging out with friends and family, playing games, watching movies, and enjoying the outdoors. She also is sure to get plenty of “horsey-time” in and love on her horse colleagues!