Mr. Peaches is a 13.2h 2009 Haflinger gelding named because he is sweet, round, and fuzzy like a peach! His personality truly matches his name. Peaches is bound to be your new best friend. He loves attention and getting his incredibly long and thick flowing mane braided - when you are brushing or braiding he sometimes puts his head on your shoulder! His favorite thing to do is eat with his buddies in the pasture. Our favorite thing to do is come up with cute nicknames for how he's acting that day... Peachy Keen... Peach Diddy... Peaches & Cream... Sweet Peach... Rotten Peach... Haribo Gummy Peach... Mr. Peach... it never ends! This sweetheart of a pony came to us on October 31st 2020, with his best friend Gem the Appaloosa, generously donated by a closing similar ministry in New Hampshire.

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mr. peaches

Have you or your child fallen in love with one of our horses here at Take Heart? Want a little memorandum to remember them by? Our own Grant Good is offering his wonderful photography of many of our equine staff available to purchase. Please look at his website for the various options available such as prints, cards, magnets, keychains, mugs, mousepads, ect. 

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