Sarah Fry, MA, NLT-2

Hope. Healing. Horses.

From an early age, Sarah had a deep desire to learn more about horses through reading any books she could get her hands on about horses and by taking horseback riding lessons. Sarah has always loved horses and has wanted to pursue working with horses and helping people together in some capacity. Sarah took horseback riding lessons for many years as well as working at her Uncle’s camp as the horse director’s assistant. However, it was not until Sarah went to His Hill Bible School, that she learned about equine therapy while working on the Bible college’s ranch. Sarah grew up camp counseling as she worked at a camp, where inner city kids of Cleveland were sponsored to come to camp. This is where Sarah’s passion for helping kids and teens from trauma backgrounds began. Many of the campers would come to Sarah with their hurt and pain and wanted to further help adolescents not just for one week out of a summer. Learning about equine therapy opened Sarah’s eyes to merging her heart for helping kids from trauma backgrounds while also working with horses. 

Sarah, started out by volunteering at Take Heart in 2017, and then began her masters level practicum and internship in May of 2020. She graduated in May 2021 from Lancaster Bible College with her undergrad and master's in professional counseling. Sarah, is eager to help people and continue to use her passion for horses and people together. 

In her free time, Sarah enjoys spending quality time with family and friends, as well as hiking, kayaking, and traveling in state and abroad. She has a passion for cultures and counsels a variety of clients of different ages at Take Heart.

To contact Sarah, call or text 717-685-6217, or email