Equine Assisted Workshops

Hope. Healing. Horses.

Workshops for Helping Professionals & Ministry Workers

Helping the brokenhearted can wreak havoc on your own heart. Burnout is rampant among counselors, social workers, and ministry leaders because of the constant physical and emotional demands made of you daily. It can be hard to live the healthy, balanced, joy-filled lives you are helping others work towards.  Not only can this be difficult for individual helpers, but it can cause all kinds of issues within teams. We understand and are passionate about helping you find the keys to your own restoration, so that you can live and work with authenticity and joyful compassion.

These workshops can be preventative or helpful in current struggles. Each workshop is tailored specifically for the needs of your team or group. Common workshop themes include self-care, living and working with authenticity and integrity, boundaries with clients and within the team, assertive communication, team-building or cooperation, and finding balance. Let us know if we can design a workshop for your team of helpers. Individual sessions are also available.

Take Heart offers workshops for individuals, couples, families, professionals, small groups, and work groups that focus on specific skills and goals the group wants to work on. Any group can benefit from the experiential learning that happens in workshops. Horses are great teachers because they allow us the chance to practice difficult concepts and skills in the moment. They also make this work fun... Would you rather talk about these things in a conference room, or play games out in nature with horses?

Workshops are a great way for you to focus on a specific issue for your family or group. Each workshop is designed specifically for your needs. They are great to teach skills that prevent issues from arising within the group (for example - teaching your group to communicate assertively can prevent conflict later). However, we are also passionate about helping your group resolve current issues through activities designed to spark discussion and teach conflict resolution. Workshops are a great place to practice or learn skills and promote discussion on specific topics, such as:

  • communication & listening skills
  • team-building & cooperation
  • leading through serving (servant leadership)
  • conflict resolution
  • self-care, rest & play
  • family bonding & cooperation
  • marriage & couples issues
  • overcoming anxiety, depression, or trauma
  • self-expression & growing into your authentic self
  • setting boundaries at work, school, or in families

Have interest in workshops at Take Heart? There are so many applications! We are glad to design a workshop to meet your needs. Contact us for a quote and to design your group's unique workshop today.