For Sessions:

-Bareback Riding Pads (3, prefer various colors)

-Snaffle Bit (1)

-Rope Halter (size small/Arab) & 14' Lead (1)

-Gel Pad (1)

-Comfortable Office Chairs (2 Sets of 2 for 4 total)

-Storage & Bench Seating for Office (1)

-Folding Chairs (for outdoor groups)

-Folding Tables (for outdoor groups)

-Various sized plastic traffic cones
-Ring Toss Game
-Foam balls of all sizes
-Foam swimming pool noodles
-Large easel
-Large paper pad
-Hula Hoops
-Giant heavy-duty exercise balls (approx 24"+)
-Large plastic bowling pins

-3-Step Mounting Block

-Moist Towelettes / Hand Wipes / Diaper Wipes 

For Horse Care:

-Heavy-Duty Slow-Feed Hay Nets (3)

-Slow-Feed Hay Bale Net (1)

-2-Gallon Feed Buckets (3)

-Light-weight Waterproof Turnout Sheet (Size 78-80 for Noble, Size 80-81 for Charley; prefer different colors)

​-Heavy-weight Waterproof Turnout Blanket (Size 81 for both Charley and Noble; prefer different colors)

-Lunging Training Equipment (1)

-Nutrena Empower Balance (grain for all 3 horses)

-Gift Cards to (stomach ulcer supplements for Charley)

-Grass Hay (current cost is about $75 per horse per month)​

-Pine Wood Shavings Bedding

-Hoof Care (about $20 per horse per month)

For Farm Improvements:

-Seating for Waiting Area - heavy duty resin or wood Adirondack style chairs or benches
-Outdoor Trunk for Waiting Area (to keep magazines, games, blanket, etc for waiting family members)

-Lighting for Waiting Area

-Lighting for Corner of Pasture/Pathway to Barn

-Lighting for Above Barn

-Wireless Printer/Scanner/Copier (for office)

​-Wireless Router and Connection Kit (for office)

-8' Aluminum Gates (for future riding ring, pasture)

-4" Fence Posts

-12' Treated Boards

-Sand Footing (for future riding ring)

-Topsoil (current projects)

-Stone Dust (improving the dry lot several times per year)

-Woven Wire Fencing (for future pasture)

-4x6 Rubber Stall Mats


-Wild Birdseed

-Outdoor Fall Decor

-Outdoor Christmas Decor

-Christmas Lights - Warm White, LED preferred

-Outdoor Rustic/Western/Farm/Equestrian Decor

-Large Perennials - Partial Sun or Shade Friendly 

​-Leather Cleaner
-Leather Conditioner
-Tack Sponges

Wish List

Many of you have expressed interest in supporting us but aren't sure how. Here are specific needs in different areas of this ministry where you can make a difference through a gift of your choosing.

Items with links show our preferred type/brand of item. Items without links we do not need a particular brand. For larger items, please discuss the donation with us so we can plan accordingly.

If you'd like, you may also send a monetary donation for one or more of the items listed below. Just designate on your check what item(s) you would like us to purchase with it.

Thank you for your continued support of Take Heart!

Empowering individuals and families to find

hope, healing, and wholeness

through therapeutic work with horses.