Have you or your child fallen in love with one of our horses here at Take Heart? Want a little memorandum to remember them by? Our own Grant Good is offering his wonderful photography of many of our equine staff available to purchase. Please look at his website for the various options available such as prints, cards, magnets, keychains, mugs, mousepads, ect. 

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Zeus is a 17 year old Belgian gelding with heart of gold to match his beautiful coat. Zeus is curious and eager to make new friends. He is gentle and kind with a playful streak. While he isn't throwing any lightning bolts like his namesake Greek god, his gallop certainly sounds like thunder because he is so big! Zeus is Zeke's father, and you can see the resemblance in their beautiful white blazes on their faces. His name means "shine" - and we feel that he is going to help people find healing so they can truly shine as the man or woman they were created to be. Zeus's strength and power is awe-inspiring.

As babies, Apollo and Zeus were rescued by their donor from a neglect situation. She had them since they were about 6 months old, and of course Zeke was born at the farm, after Zeus snuck into the mares' field as a young horse! Zeke's mother tragically passed away when he was a week old, and the family bottle-fed him as a baby. They were trained to do trail rides, and Zeus & Apollo made a great driving team to do light farm work! The donor family fell on hard times, and we are honored they made the decision to donate these three to Take Heart.